Шановні Клієнти у зв'зку з посиленням бойових дій у Харкові і Харківській області, наша компанія вимушена призупини доставку.
Як тільки, бойові дії вщухнуть і ми зможемо безпечно доставляти для Вас товари, доставка буде відновлена.
Бережіть себе! Разом до перемоги!
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If your order does not have drinking water of 19 liters and the order amount is
more than 550 UAH
Total 69.00 uah.
If your order does not have drinking water of 19 liters and the order amount is
less than 550 UAH

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Cashless payments
with TAX for LLC and private entrepreneur

• The courier delivers your order to the door of the apartment or office to any floor if the building has an elevator.
• In homes or office buildings where there is no elevator, the Courier delivers the order to the door of the sixth floor inclusive. If the elevator breaks down, the company may charge an additional fee for lifting to the floor at the rate of 1 UAH per 1 kg of weight for each floor above the 6th.
• Delivery of overall orders is also made to the door of an apartment or office and does not require a separate surcharge.
Please check the goods from your order in the presence of a courier, if any of the goods does not suit you, it can be returned to the courier according to the law on consumer rights, except for excisable goods of good quality. At the time of refusal of goods, you must contact the call center to fix the list of goods that you return.
• During delivery, the Courier must provide a sales receipt with a list of goods and the amount of the order, and for non-cash payment - a package of documents.
It is also important to remember that:
• Delivery of goods is carried out at intervals of the delivery delivery shift, however, it can be offered 1 hour before the start of the shift or 1 hour late if the Courier is delayed along the route with another Client (we apologize for such delays in advance, especially in the evening)
• Delivery in the apartment or in the office to the utility rooms is not the responsibility of the Courier.

We deliver goods to any branch of New Post in Ukraine, except for temporarily occupied regions. In order to order such delivery, click on the New Mail icon in the top menu and you will be redirected to the page with the goods that are available for sending by New Mail (basically this is a similar list of goods that is available in Kyiv, except for perishable food and frost).

Before sending goods, the order must be paid by credit card on the site. You pay for the delivery of the order at the time of receipt of the goods in the New Post office, which you yourself choose.

Free if:
The order contains water from the category 18.9 liters (at least 1 bottle)
• The amount of your order is more than 550 UAH

Paid - 69.00 UAH, if:
• The amount of your order is less than 550 UAH and there is no water from the category 18.9 l in the order

• In cash to the courier at the time of receipt of the goods on the basis of the sales receipt.
• Bank transfer (only for legal entities), according to the invoice.
• Payment by card on the website or in the mobile application at the time of placing the order
• When paying with a card - DO NOT WORRY! An amount equal to the sum of the order agreed with you in the sales receipt will be debited from the card.
• If any of the goods in your order is not delivered or is delivered of inadequate quality, the cash balance (the difference between the original order and the actually received) will be unlocked by the bank and returned to your card within a few banking days (up to 5 days) or it will be available on your balance sheet in the company and can be used on the next order.
During delivery, you can return any product to the courier, except those listed below.
Products of good quality are not subject to return or exchange:
• alcohol, according to the Rules for the sale of alcoholic beverages
• items of sanitary hygiene, underwear and other goods provided for by resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 172 of 03/19/1994.http://zakon5.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/1023-12
You can order goods around the clock on the aquamarket.ua website, in the AquaMarket mobile application or by calling the AquaMarket contact center on 8877 short mobile phone (free callback from your mobile phone)
We can also contact you if you fill out a callback form (you can find it in the top header of the site menu)
• All ordered goods are packed in cardboard boxes or new plastic bags (we do not charge for bags - they are provided for you free of charge)
• Chilled products are placed in a thermal box to maintain optimum temperature.
• Household chemicals are packed in a bag or box.
The delivery service reserves the right to transfer the order in case of:
• the impossibility of its delivery (when it is impossible to drive a car closer than 100 meters, collapse on roads, road blocking).
• If we cannot contact you or no one opens the door of an apartment or house
• You can cancel or transfer the order yourself by calling the AquaMarket 8877 contact center (callback) or by leaving a comment on the site in the feedback section

We do not sell alcohol to minors. The courier is obligated and entitled to request a document confirming the age of the recipient of the goods and refuse to transfer products if the recipient is less than 18 years old.

Enjoy your shopping with AquaMarket!