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Шановні Клієнти у зв'зку з посиленням бойових дій у Харкові і Харківській області, наша компанія вимушена призупини доставку.
Як тільки, бойові дії вщухнуть і ми зможемо безпечно доставляти для Вас товари, доставка буде відновлена.
Бережіть себе! Разом до перемоги!

New goods


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Online supermarket AquaMarket is not only the most profitable opportunity to order water with free delivery, but also a daily expansion of goods for home and office. In an effort to meet the needs of customers, we have formed a large catalog of goods, which contains more than 40 thousand items, ranging from food products to construction tools. And since the market does not stand still, each section of the store is regularly updated with new products. In this section of the catalog you can familiarize yourself with new offers from world and Ukrainian manufacturers, which have just gone on sale.

New brands of mineral water, coffee, dairy products, household chemicals and much more - all the latest news are collected here. You will definitely not miss an interesting offer, because new products automatically appear on this page, even if they belong to completely different categories of the catalog. Actual news, interesting products, unique offers that have just appeared on sale - everything for your attention and convenience. Looking at this section, you will spend a minimum of time in order to evaluate and study the latest receipts. If you like something, immediately place an order in a couple of clicks, it's so easy!

Online shopping

An ordinary store greets you with huge racks and shelves filled with various goods. But in this variety it is sometimes quite difficult to find what you need, and it is even more difficult to make the right choice after looking through all the offers.Online purchases win in this case, since they give the buyer a lot of advantages:

 • Daily update of the assortment, which is easy to track on this store page. All new items simultaneously appear here and in the corresponding section of the catalog. Therefore, if you are interested in a specific product and new arrivals, just look at the positions on this page.

 • Convenient structure. By customizing filters based on your personal preferences, you will only view the products that interest you. For example, office supplies, food, or alcohol.

 • Available 24/7. You can study the assortment at any convenient time, because AquaMarket works without breaks and weekends. Call center support and 24/7 delivery are also available to customers.

 • Affordable prices. In ordinary stores, all goods are out of order, but here it is easy to find positions, focusing on their price. It is enough to set the appropriate sorting - and the goods will be arranged in ascending or descending order of value. You're more likely to find something that fits your budget.

Hot news every day

We know for sure that consumer interests are constantly growing and changing. Therefore, we carefully follow all new products and daily replenish the assortment in each section of the store, whether it be goods for children, milk or coffee. New names, models and product groups are constantly appearing on sale. We were one of the first to introduce Alpro herbal products on sale, which were almost impossible to buy in Ukraine.

Since our main priority is the delivery of water to Kyiv, Kharkov, Odessa, Dnipro, we pay great attention to this section of the catalog. Only on the pages of AquaMarket you will find unique offers like non-carbonated drinking water AquaMelan with the addition of melanin or medicinal and mineral waters from all over the world. AquaMarket makes famous brands even closer and more accessible to every customer, because we work directly with manufacturing plants. At your service round-the-clock delivery of drinking and mineral water throughout Kyiv.

Convenient shopping for everyone

Our store works for a huge number of customers, among whom there are not only retail customers, but also representatives of the HoReCa segment, private entrepreneurs. And we understand that it is important for each of the buyers to profitably purchase not only familiar and favorite products, but also conveniently find unique novelties.

In addition to drinking, mineral, medicinal-table water, the assortment of our store includes office supplies, toilet paper, napkins, household chemicals, diapers, food, juices, water, alcohol, lactose-free and vegan products. You can order wholesale and retail kitchen utensils, household goods, power tools, and even household appliances. And we will continue to do our best to provide customers with more opportunities for profitable online shopping every day.

Be with us - and you will always be aware of useful news!