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Шановні Клієнти у зв'зку з посиленням бойових дій у Харкові і Харківській області, наша компанія вимушена призупини доставку.
Як тільки, бойові дії вщухнуть і ми зможемо безпечно доставляти для Вас товари, доставка буде відновлена.
Бережіть себе! Разом до перемоги!
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Vesna drinking water, 18.9 l

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Artesian drinking water

Drinking artesian water of the Jurassic geological period Vesna (Spring) is extracted in an ecologically clean area Kiev from a well with a depth of 302 meters. The water undergoes corrective mechanical post-treatment, carbon filtration with disinfection under an ultraviolet lamp on the certified modern equipment of the plant. This filtration method guarantees the safety and the highest quality of TM Vesna water, preserving its natural chemical composition.

Artesian water has a low level of mineralization, which makes it possible to drink it raw every day. Hot drinks prepared in artesian crystal-clear water will be aromatic and rich. Soft water is also recommended for use on professional equipment: coffee machines, coffee makers and electric kettles.

Drinking water can be ordered in 18.9 liter polycarbonate bottles with a pump or cooler.

Peculiarities of Vesna artesian drinking water (Spring):
The post-treatment and filtration method does not violate the natural chemical composition of the water;
low level of mineralization;
recommended for cooking and drinks
is suitable for drinking raw.
The molecular structure of artesian water is preserved during the post-treatment process. Spring water contains the optimal amount of trace elements, the content of salt and alkali, as well as a soft structure.

It has a wonderful taste, and due to its physical properties it prevents from cardiovascular diseases.

* The specified price is valid when ordering from two or more bottles of water in a container of 18.9 liters.
* When ordering one bottle of water in a container of 18.9 liters price 115,00 UAH.
Quantity Price Saving
From 1 pcs. 11500 uah/pcs. ---
From 2 pcs. 10500 uah/pcs. From 1000 uah/pcs.
From 6 pcs. 10500 uah/pcs. From 1000 uah/pcs.
From 11 pcs. 10500 uah/pcs. From 1000 uah/pcs.
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